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Is Your Hair 6" Longer Than it Was Last Year?

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Long, healthy hair – that's "the dream" most of us have, right? Whether it's straight and cascading down your back, or its textured coils extending freely in its own direction, it's a beautiful sight for sure. It boosts our self-confidence, improves our appearance, and helps to show off our #blackgirlmagic.

But there's a problem – sometimes, long healthy hair seems impossible to obtain.

Oftentimes, it's the everyday problems – split ends, breakage from over-processing, dry scalp – that makes the hair journey a battle, and literally stunts your growth.

Have you had your fair share of stylist issues, relaxing struggles, or investing in expensive products that just didn't cut it?

Perhaps this is your story: You spend months trying to find the perfect color, only to discover your follicles fried beyond repair. Or you flat ironed your natural curls and now realize you have heat damage. Or you've had to deal with itchy scalp since childhood, and it's been a mission to find just the right product for that relief you're desperate for.

Maybe you already have long hair – but it's not healthy. You're frustrated that you can see through your ends; some areas are long while other spots are inches behind in length. Finding that meeting ground in the middle has taken forever, and you still haven't gotten it right.

This hair journey can be Hard.



Even Hopeless.

Is that you today?

If so, I'm here to tell you, THERE'S HOPE.

My mission is to guide you through the process, and help you reach your #blackgirlmagic status with long, beautiful, healthy hair.

My own hair growth journey inspired me to write my e-book, Black Girl's Guide to Growing Long Hair. My goal with this book is to share what I've learned through hard work, trial and error, and "growing" pains and provide women valuable tools for growing their hair.

In this book is a wealth of valuable information, including hair care tips, positive inspiration, and personal accounts of my hair growth experience (like how I found what worked to get the hair length I wanted). Some of what you'll see includes:

  • Why reading the ingredients of the hair care products you buy is necessary for good hair health
  • Recommendations on high quality (and affordable) hair care products
  • Practical tips to help you create a personal and effective hair care growth plan
  • Personal accounts of my hair journey, and how you can achieve the same success.

What I charged $25 for when I first published this book (and worth every penny) can be yours for just $9!!

Here's your chance to finally enjoy the beautiful head full of hair that you've been dreaming of. No longer do you have to stand back and only admire the YouTubers and Instagrammers on their hair success. You can have it too – and sooner than you think!

It starts by ordering your copy today!

It's been said that our hair is our "crowning glory". Let me join you on your journey, and help you discover the road to the long, healthy hair you've always wanted.

Yes! I deserve long hair!

Rave Reviews

As a teen, I could never grow my hair past shoulder length. My hair is now bra strap length. Sharifa’s hair journey has helped me in so many ways; from her setbacks to building a simple regimen of my own. I have never looked at hair the same after learning and applying her techniques.
Shavon B.USA
Girl, I love love love your book. I laugh, cried and enjoyed it a lot. It is like you were sitting in front of me asking me questions and I replying back. I always read ingredients in any products, to see if it works well on me. So imagine when I saw the section with ingredients suggestions, I was like you know what I need nothing else, just sit down and put my regimen in order. I have an old loving stylist. But you know how is the shapholic wants to try new hands she put too much heat on my Crown, when I got home my hair was breaking I had to oil my scalp and don`t comb it in a week......yes a week! Thank you Sharifa for changing my day, you don`t imagine how happy I am with this book.
Romelia De T.Panama
This book changed my entire perspective on relaxed hair care. Sharifa's tips are more helpful and specific than anything I've ever heard at the salon and my hair has definitely improved. As a matter of fact the last time I went in for a touch up the receptionist exclaimed that my hair looked amazingly healthy! I can't recommend this book enough - it's a must read!
Jessica M.USA

Yes! I deserve long hair!

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