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Get the perfect regimen based on your hair personality to grow you hair to brastrap length and longer!

Did you just start your hair journey but have no idea how to grow long Black hair? Are you confused about what products to use, how often you should trim, or how to stop breakage?

Maybe you've been on your hair journey for a while but you're still struggling to grow your hair longer? You're disappointed that your hair is still shorter than you expected, you're tired of stylists cutting away at your growth, or you're still looking for the perfect products for your hair?

Does that sound familiar? Well, you're not alone.

Ask any Black girl and she'll share some frustration about her hair.

But it's not your fault! There's so much bad information out there about how to grow our hair longer. But you're in luck...

I'm MsKibibi, founder of Kibibi Hair. Years ago, I started exactly where you are now. I was frustrated with my hair not getting longer, tired of wasting money on expensive vitamins, and annoyed with seeing other girls seemingly grow longer hair overnight.

I never had long hair as a child. After years of trial and error, I developed a system to grow my hair past shoulder length when I was in law school. I grew my hair to waist length and then started my blog and eventually wrote my book Black Girl's Guide to Growing Long Hair, to help you grow your hair from shoulder length to brastrap length... and then waist length!. The best part is that anyone can follow this system and get long hair also.

With my ebook you'll...

Speed up hair growth without buying expensive hair vitamins,

Get past your hair being "stunted" and stuck at the same length,

Find a regimen that is easy for you to follow,

Pick the right products for your hair without breaking the bank,

...and much more.

We've all heard the saying "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail"...well that applies to growing long hair.

I've already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes, wasted money on products that didn't help, suffered through stylists, you name it... and ultimately I figured out what works.

So you don't have to do this alone!

When I first published my book it was $25, but now I'm offering the ebook for only $9.

That's right, for the cost of mascara you can become the girl with long hair that everyone envies.

Yes! I deserve long hair!

Rave Reviews

As a teen, I could never grow my hair past shoulder length. My hair is now bra strap length. Sharifa’s hair journey has helped me in so many ways; from her setbacks to building a simple regimen of my own. I have never looked at hair the same after learning and applying her techniques.
Shavon B.USA
Girl, I love love love your book. I laugh, cried and enjoyed it a lot. It is like you were sitting in front of me asking me questions and I replying back. I always read ingredients in any products, to see if it works well on me. So imagine when I saw the section with ingredients suggestions, I was like you know what I need nothing else, just sit down and put my regimen in order. I have an old loving stylist. But you know how is the shapholic wants to try new hands she put too much heat on my Crown, when I got home my hair was breaking I had to oil my scalp and don`t comb it in a week......yes a week! Thank you Sharifa for changing my day, you don`t imagine how happy I am with this book.
Romelia De T.Panama
This book changed my entire perspective on relaxed hair care. Sharifa's tips are more helpful and specific than anything I've ever heard at the salon and my hair has definitely improved. As a matter of fact the last time I went in for a touch up the receptionist exclaimed that my hair looked amazingly healthy! I can't recommend this book enough - it's a must read!
Jessica M.USA

Yes! I deserve long hair!

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