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Take Your Hair from Sad to Slayed!

Let me upgrade you! Watch this important video to learn how to upgrade your hair journey and become the girl that everyone envies.




Have you ever gone to a stylist who kept cutting off your "dead ends" without your permission, so your hair is always the same length or even shorter hair than what you started with?

Did you ever wear a weave or a wig to hide your real hair because you were embarrassed by how thin, short, and busted your hair looked?

Are you sick of wasting your hard earned money on hair grease that claims to be "hair food" that would "gro" (because they spell it as "gro" instead of "grow") your hair long, but your hair only looked greasy and flat?

Or did you swallow huge hair vitamins every day for months, hoping your hair would grow faster, but your hair still won't grow past a certain length?

Do you ever feel envy of other girls with long hair, and when you ask them what they use, you roll your eyes when they say "I don't have to use anything... I just have good hair"?

Maybe you feel defeated because your hair just never seems to grow?

Girl, you are not alone.

I'm MsKibibi, founder of KibibiHair.com and author of "Black Girl's Guide to Growing Long Hair."

I used to spend hundreds of dollars each year on hair vitamins and hair products that promised to grow my hair longer. At one point, I was taking 7 different vitamins (now I can't stand to take any pills).

I also had stylists rake through my hair and leave me with thin, brittle ends that forced me to cut off 4" of hair (I called my mom crying after that hair appointment).

I even tried crazy things to grow my hair faster like the time I used a horse product (yes, girl...a product for horses).

So I know exactly how you feel because that's how I felt during my hair journey. It took me years to figure out how to grow my coarse hair to waist length. I had a few setbacks caused by rough stylists, trying new products, and stress.

But, you don't have to spend years struggling to figure it out on your own.

Black women can have long hair and you don't need to have "good genes" or find a stylist with "growing hands."

You don't even need a magical product.

Stop wasting time and money on what is not working. Stop feeling sad about your hair or embarrassed to wear your real hair out. You don't have to feel that way.

You can be the girl with long hair that everyone envies... the girl that gets weave checked... the girl who people ask "What's your hair secret?"

Book a consultation with me to get the long hair you deserve.

One-on-One Hair Growth Consultation


1 Hour Video Consultation

Hair + Goals Assessment

Customized Regimen + Suggested Products

4 Weekly Email Check-Ins

All personalized for your specific hair type, hair needs and hair goals!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a hair growth consultant?

We all need help with some aspect of our life. For example, we have personal trainers to help us reach our fitness goals. Having a hair growth consultant works in the same way.

How long will it take to see results?

It depends on your hair issues and how well you stick to your regimen. It takes at least 3 months to see length increase. Most clients see improvement with less shedding and less breakage within a couple weeks.

How will you know what products I need?

Growing long hair is not just about the products you use. However, based on what your hair needs we will find the products that work for you. Your regimen will be personalized.

Why do you have rush week?

Rush week is my enrollment period to accept new clients. I can only work with a limited amount of women each month. If you miss rush week, you can join the waiting list to get notified of the next rush week.

Can you help me if my hair type is different?

Yes! Whether your hair is natural, relaxed or transitioning, the principles behind growing long hair are universal. Having an understanding of what works for different hair types and hair needs is universal.

What are weekly check-ins?

It take 21 days for a new habit to stick. So to help you stay on track with your goals, I will email you weekly for 1 month to see how your regimen is going. You can ask questions, comments, and concerns about your regimen, new products you want to try, or anything related to your hair.

Rave Reviews

My hair consultation with Ms. Kibibi was in one word - ENLIGHTENING. She really took the time to listen to my specific concerns and help me figure out what steps I need to take to develop a hair regimen that should help me achieve my hair health and growth goals. I'm excited about taking care of my hair again and I'm looking forward to the new journey ahead!
Chantel T.Florida, USA
I want to thank you for your time and your Consultation. It was very informative and constructive with the suggested products that will help to strengthen and moisturize my hair. I also loved how you demonstrated how to engage the hair to absorb the products completely. It was great and I am excited about my new hair journey, being natural after 4 years I wanted to work with someone who I’ve been following where I saw actual positive hair growth. I'm confident that my new approach on how I manage my hair with your professional service will provide me with the results that I desire, stronger hair at bra strap length. And most importantly, thanks for covering all the bases while making our video session fun and easy going at the same time.
Keisha K-MNew York, USA
I think the consultation went really well. I'm glad we discussed how to take care of my hair in its current state, natural state, and future state (this is very important because now we have a game plan). I'm also glad that you organized everything for me and included suggested products for me in a nice chart. I would definitely recommend you to my friends in the future. Plus you're super nice and really easy to talk to lol. I can tell you really know your stuff and you're just as enthusiastic about hair as I am!
Stephanie B.Flroida, USA
I think having a hair consult with MsKibibi was great. It was like talking to a celebrity friend who is clearly fanatical about hair in the same way that I am but can also be objective. What I found great is that she wasn't dismissive as some stylists can be. This is exceptionally valuable as once we got the regimen discussion out the way, we focused on the points that may miss their radar such as moisturizing your hair during protective styling or being careful with a take-down. I really enjoyed our gym regimen discussion also as I felt less like you telling me what to do and more like information sharing.
Natalie B.London, U.K.
When I had a consultation with Ms. Kibibi, I did not know what to expect, but I had an open mind. As the consultation continued, I was truly enlightened with the thorough, yet concise information. Ms. Kibibi was very engaging, friendly, and eager to answer all of my questions. I applied the information I learned from her and see promising results with my hair: thus I highly recommend a hair consultation from Ms. Kibibi!
Quincy C. (Natural Hair)Texas, USA
My consultation with Ms Kibibi enlightened me to several areas of my hair care regimen that I thought were solid. I had some breakage and had plateaued in length which left me frustrated. During our consultation she took the time to go through my entire wash day and daily hair care regimen to identify areas where I may have been suffering from breakage. From how I detangle and section my hair, the method I use to wash it, though to the products used and what methods my hair salon do when manipulating my hair. This really helped me to ascertain the sticking points that might have seen my hair plateau. Since then, I am even more conscious and aware of where the problem areas are and have focused on correcting these which has enabled me to gain some length. Finally!
Zenna S.London, U.K.

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