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My consultation with Ms Kibibi enlightened me to several areas of my hair care regimen that I thought were solid. During our consultation she took the time to go through my entire wash day and daily hair care regimen to identify areas where I may have been suffering from breakage. This really helped me to ascertain the sticking points that might have seen my hair plateau. Since then, I am even more conscious and aware of where the problem areas are and have focused on correcting these which has enabled me to gain some length. Finally!
~ Zenna S.
London, UK
When I had a consultation with Ms. Kibibi, I did not know what to expect, but I had an open mind. As the consultation continued, I was truly enlightened with the thorough, yet concise information. Ms. Kibibi was very engaging, friendly, and eager to answer all of my questions. I applied the information I learned from her and see promising results with my hair: thus I highly recommend a hair consultation from Ms. Kibibi!
~ Quincy C.
Texas, USA
I think having a hair consult with MsKibibi was great. It was like talking to a celebrity friend who is clearly fanatical about hair in the same way that I am but can also be objective. What I found great is that she wasn't dismissive as some stylists can be. This is exceptionally valuable as once we got the regimen discussion out the way, we focused on the points that may miss their radar such as moisturizing your hair during protective styling or being careful with a take-down. I really enjoyed our gym regimen discussion also as I felt less like you telling me what to do and more like information sharing.
~ Natalie B.
London, UK
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